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Capital: Washington D.C.

Population: 33.19 crores Per Capita Income: $70,249

Pmaking it the 13th richest country per person in the world Montetary Unit: 1 US Dollar = 100 Cents

Popular Cities of USA
New York (New York) | Los Angeles (California) | Chicago (Illinois) | Houston (Texas) | Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) | Phoenix (Arizona) | San Antonio (Texas) | San Diego (California)

usa student visa

Study in USA

    Before you start packing your bags to go to the USA, you must get to know all the things the USA offers to its international students. Here are what expert USA Student Visa Consultant have to share!

What are the requirements to study in USA for a student visa?

Before applying for a USA study visa, you must first check out its eligibility criteria:

  • Your student visa application must be approved by the education institution.
  • Proof of funds to show that you can afford the fees of the course and also handle the cost of living in the foreign country.
  • Good academic background
  • Good Character certificate or qualify as a person with good character.
  • Medically fit to travel and fulfill the fitness requirements of the country.

Documents for USA Student Visa Application to Study in USA

  • 1). Visa Fee confirmation receipt
  • 2). Survival funds (Bank statement proof)
  • 3). Relevant Passport ID
  • 4).DS-160 printed copy
  • 5). Printed copy of the online study visa application filled Form
  • 6). Previous salary or pay slips, if any
  • 7). Passing certificates of clearing IELTS, TOEFL, or GMAT exams, etc.
  • 8). Previous Education mark sheets and certificates
  • 9). The I-20 Form was sent to you by the education institute based in the USA.
  • 10). Original and photocopy of Interview appointment letter

Why Should Students Study in USA?

When you know the reasoning behind your choice, it's likely you will have more trust in the decision you make. Many students inquire for why should they study in USA and choose no othe destination. Studying in the USA can be beneficial for you for to following reasons-

Affordable Courses

The US-based universities provide scholarship programs and financial aid to high achievers, which makes education in the USA more affordable for foreign students even if they come from a weaker financial background. If you require guidance regarding applying for affordable courses, you can take the help of a USA Student Visa Consultant for it.

Curriculum Variety and flexible courses

Do you dislike studying any subject? You would be happy to know that US universities provide students the freedom of choice to personalize their learning subjects and design their own specific academic journey. Isn’t that amazing? Get in touch with USA Study Visa Consultant for more details regarding your study in USA.

All-round Student Support

Be it academic counseling or advising, or comprehensive student support services, you will receive them all! Expert USA Student Visa Consultant also help you in the journey. All this is for ensuring your safe transition to another country so that you can focus on achieving academic success.

Provide a safe environment to flourish

US universities put the safety and hospitality of their students as a priority. Hence, they take care of all the security measures like health services so that their students can thrive and flourish well. Connect with USA student visa consultant to get complete study in USA help.

Interactive Extracurricular activities

The universities in the USA organize many extracurricular activities so that the students can participate in club activities to socialize with other students, explore their hobbies and interest areas, and stay active in the outside environment as well. If you have a special interest in going for vocational courses, you can mention the same to the Student Visa Consultant for USA to help you with it.

Work and study opportunity

While living and studying in a foreign country like the USA, international students can not only study in USA but also work part-time jobs open for them on-campus or in areas nearby during their academic year. Students can also work full-time during vacation breaks to gain work experience to support themselves financially while in a foreign country. A good USA Student Visa Consultant helps you search for a good study and work-supportive university in the USA.

If you are searching for a reputed USA Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad or a USA Education Consultancy which can help you get a USA Student Visa or USA Study Visa, Indus Immigration Agency for study in USA can help you with the whole procedure from start to finish.

Types of Visa to Study in USA

Student F1 Visa

This visa can be applied for any program which requires 18 hours of learning in a week. This visa covers all types of graduate and undergraduate courses.

J-1 Visa (Visitor Exchange Visa)

Working professionals who want to move to the USA as students to study in USA under an exchange program can apply for the Visitor J 1 Visa. The courses normally consist of vocational training of 10 months, which may require a research fellowship of some kind.

M-1 Student Visa

This visa is reserved for foreign students in vocational training or technical training institutes. If unsure which one to choose to pursue your study in USA, take help from Education Consultants for USA.

Intake: September / January / May

USA universities

Top Courses in USA

  • Engineering
  • Business & Management Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Medicine
  • Communication & Media Studies
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences
  • Architecture & Construction

Estimated Average Cost/Per Annum

Undergraduate Post Graduate Cost of Living
US $10,000 to 30,000 US $15,000 to 30,000 US $8,500 to 15,000
INR 7,50,000 to 22,25,000 INR 11,25,000 to 22,25,000 INR 6,37,500 to 11,25,000

Student Visa Process for USA

  •  Short list Universities Which fits into your profile
  •  Receive your I-20
  •  Pay your SEVIS Fee online
  •  Fill up Your visa application Form(DS 160) and pay the visa fee
  •  Schedule your visa Interview
  •  Pay the Visa issuance fee

Why INDUS for USA?

  • More than 10 years of counselling experience
  • Application Fee Wavier
  • Flexible education system
  • Counselling by USA returned counsellors
  • IELTS / TOEFL, GRE and SAT coaching.
  • Support in USA-through JUNTO application.(accommodation, job etc)
  • USA Interview preparation

Admission Checklist

  • Updated Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Passport 1st & last Page (Visa stamp as applicable)
  • IELTS / TOEFL / PTE / DUOLINGO Score Card OR MOI Letter
  • GRE / GMAT / SAT Score Card
  • Mark-sheet of 10th & Mark-sheet of 12th
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Mark-sheet of Bachelor with Degree Certificate
  • Transcript of Bachelor
  • 3 Letter of Recommendation
  • Affidavit of Support from sponsor (50rs. Stamp paper)
  • Bank Balance Certificate
  • Documents justifying gap (Work Experience Letter as applicable)
  • Contact details of student (email id/mobile number)
  • Credit Card Details for application fees


  • How much does a USA student Visa cost?

    The USA Student Visa application generally costs about 185 US Dollars, which is around 15,380 INR.

  • Is it possible to get a USA student visa without IELTS?

    Yes. It is possible to get a USA student visa if you can provide English language proficiency proof of either a PET test score or a Duolingo certificate.

  • How long does the US Student Visa mock interview last?

    To study in USA, the US visa mock interview usually lasts 20 minutes long.

  • What is the age criteria for applying for the US education visa interview?

    Applicants who are between the ages of 14 and 79 can apply for the USA student Visa interview. The US government also considers special applicants under certain conditions. To know such conditions, you can ask a Student Visa Consultant for USA.

  • Is it possible to stay in the USA after completion of my studies?

    Yes, the possibility of staying in the USA after completion of studies depends on the type of visa and the candidate's individual circumstances. You can also stay in the US after studying practical training to continue studying or after changing your immigration status to a different type of visa.