New Zealand Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad

Places where you live, where you make your career, and where you have the best time of your life are special. Imagine if you get the best at one destination! New Zealand- a land of joy- is now a preferred destination for international students. International students choose to study in New Zealand because of the high standard of academics, opportunities to thrive in a career, and living peacefully at a comparatively low cost of living.

New Zealand welcomes several thousands of students each year. Indian students have also started to make their careers in the best academic institutions in New Zealand. Almost 1600+ students from India went to this stunning country to study!

Newzealand student visa

Not one but many reasons are there why students want to study in New Zealand. Indus Immigration’s New Zealand Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad has felt this surge and is ready to help students achieve their dreams.From choosing the right institution to selecting the appropriate student visa, the New Zealand Study Visa Consultants are those you can rely on to have a stress-free journey to the country and study there.

Why Study in New Zealand?

Studying abroad is your decision, and New Zealand is the perfect destination for international students! New Zealand Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad at Indus Immigration tells the reasons.

High-Quality Education

Expert New Zealand Study Visa Consultants share that the education system in New Zealand is world-class. It has globally recognised universities and expert professors. Students who study in New Zealand receive a quality education that prepares them for a successful future professionally.

Easy Way of Living

Students get to enjoy a comfortable living environment and a welcoming atmosphere in New Zealand. This makes New Zealand an ideal place to study, work, and live.

Professional-level Skill Development

One of the best things about studying in New Zealand is practical skills development. So, if non-native English-speaking students choose New Zealand, their language proficiency improves.

Industry-level Study

New Zealand has institutions that collaborate with industries. Our New Zealand Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad shares that this connection to real-world applications also improves the chances of getting employment.

Unparalleled Lifestyle for Everyone

New Zealand offers a unique blend of adventure and tranquillity, with vibrant cities and breathtaking natural beauty. You'll experience personal growth, cultural diversity, and a strong sense of community like nowhere else.

New Zealand Education System

The New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) governs the education system of New Zealand. All qualifications are included in this framework, ensuring quality and global recognition.

New Zealand's education system is divided into 03 levels: The first level- Early Childhood Education, includes education from birth till the level when a child attains the age of school entry. Primary and Secondary Education is the second level that begins from age 5 to 19. Further Education Level is the highest (includes higher and vocational education training). To understand the system and New Zealand Student Visa application process better, students can talk to our New Zealand Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad.

Documentation for New Zealand Student Visa

  •   Passport valid for at least 03 months after intended stay.
  •   Acceptance letter from a New Zealand educational institution.
  •   Proof of suitable accommodation.
  •   Tuition fee receipt.
  •   Academic documents (transcripts, degrees, diplomas).
  •   Current student visa application form.
  •   Passport-size photographs.
  •   Proof of sufficient funds.
  •   Intent to leave New Zealand after studies.
  •   Full medical examination.
  •   Police verification (if studying for more than 24 months).
  •   Language Proficiency Tests for international students.
  •   Adequate financial capabilities proof (Bank statements, scholarship statement, sponsor statement, etc.)

Types of New Zealand Student Visa

Fee-paying Student Visa

The Fee-paying Student Visa is for individuals who want to do a full-time course (up to 4 years) at a New Zealand University. It allows part-time work up to 20 hours/week and full-time work on holidays.

MFAT-funded Scholarship

This New Zealand Student Visa also allows students to study a full-time course (max. 4 years). The distinction between MFAT Student Visa and Fee-Paying is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade funds the student.

Exchange Student Visa

The Exchange New Zealand Student Visa permits students to study full-time. Here, they do not ask for tuition fee payment since there is an exchange programme.

Pathway Student Visa

A Pathway New Zealand Student Visa allows students to take up to 03 courses (sequentially). It is valid for up to 5 years, i.e., the length of stay.

Process of New Zealand Student Visa

  • Analyse and Choose a New Zealand Institution/Program

    New Zealand Study Visa Consultants help an individual choose the desired university and educational program and apply for admission. It needs to be approved by either the Ministry of Education or the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

  • Document Arrangement for New Zealand Student Visa

    As mentioned in the list, the individual must gather, arrange, and scan all the supported documents for the New Zealand Student Visa Application, depending on the visa type. A New Zealand Student Visa Consultant can assist with this.

  • Find New Zealand Student Visa Cost

    A New Zealand Student Visa Cost varies on two factors- the location from where the individual is applying for the visa and the medium of applying (online or printed). One must note that the visa fee is non-refundable even in case of rejection. If you have any concerns, Indus New Zealand Student Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad can help.

  • Apply for a New Zealand Student Visa

    To make the application process error-free, New Zealand Student Visa Consultants help individuals. For online applications, they help by making a New Zealand RealMe Application, which is necessary. For offline applications, they help individuals download, understand, fill out, and send the form as instructed.

  • New Zealand Student Visa Application Processing

    Depending on the type of New Zealand Student Visa and mode of application, the processing time differs. One has to wait for a certain duration to know the decision. New Zealand Study Visa Consultants suggest applying 08 weeks before an individual plans to travel to New Zealand.

  • New Zealand Student Visa Approval

    In some time, the authorities decide and inform about either the approval or rejection of the student visa. With the help of our New Zealand Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad, individuals need not worry about it because their expertise helps them get a successful New Zealand Study Visa approval.

Benefits of New Zealand Student Visa Consultants

The process of applying for a student visa may seem easy when you follow the steps outlined on the visa online application platform, but without the correct knowledge, errors may occur, leading to the potential rejection of the New Zealand Student Visa Application. It is where the expertise of New Zealand Student Visa Consultants becomes very necessary. Their role involves aiding students in preparing and organising essential study visa documents, accurately completing application forms, and meeting deadlines, significantly improving the chances of a successful New Zealand Study Visa application.

New Zealand Study Visa Consultants Approach to Interim Visa

Students may want to switch to a different visa during or after their studies. Consultants show students the option of an Interim Visa and make them aware of its conditions when studying in New Zealand. Students must know these because it allows them to legally stay in New Zealand during the transition period between the ongoing and desired visa types.

Selecting the Most Suitable New Zealand Student Visa

There are various student visa options in New Zealand- Fee-paying student visas, Exchange student visas, Pathway student visas, etc. Students may not know the details, and to choose the right student visa type for their specific study plans, our New Zealand Study Visa Consultants assist. Whether it's a 6 months course or more, depending on the age and other criteria, our experts ensure that students select the most suitable visa type to create a path to a successful academic journey in New Zealand.

New Zealand Student Visa Consultants for Comprehending NZQA

To travel to New Zealand for study purposes, it has strict standards (New Zealand Qualifications Authority), which have to be followed by everyone. Before the visa process, some documents are needed; Student Visa Consultants guide them to ensure there is no error while maintaining the standard protocol of the country for students planning to pursue their education.

Assurance for New Zealand Student Visa Processing within Deadlines

Different visa types have different durations of approval by New Zealand. To prevent students from missing the deadlines, our New Zealand Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad advises them on how many months before students should apply for a student visa. This ensures prompt approvals because consultants know the length of time it takes New Zealand to process any student visa.

Point-based System and New Zealand Post-Study Work Visa

Many students want to work after completing their education in New Zealand. There are separate visas for facilitating this option. Our consultants have all the authentic information regarding the visa requirements and the process for getting this visa approval. Also, a point-based system runs in New Zealand for skilled migration and post-study work visas. Our team focuses on checking the skills, credentials, financial status, rules, etc., and advises students on how to accrue points to get a work permit after their studies.

Make the journey of studying abroad in New Zealand smooth by taking help from Indus Immigration's team of New Zealand Student Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad. Contact us at the earliest and never miss an opportunity to make a successful career in one of the best destinations!

Why Approach our New Zealand Student Visa Consultant in Ahmedabad?

Indus Immigration, the best New Zealand Education Consultancy, is a reputable study abroad consultancy that specialises in guiding students who are interested in pursuing higher education in New Zealand. Being in providing consulting services for many years, our happy students speak for our work.

Our team understands that the admission process to study in New Zealand can be tough to handle for some students, which is why we simplify the process and provide inclusive support throughout your journey. Our goal is to ensure that you have a smooth and worry-free experience when planning to study in New Zealand.

Each New Zealand Student Consultant in Ahmedabad has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of international education, and we use this expertise to provide students with the best platform to study and meet the requirements of international students in New Zealand. We provide personalised guidance and help students increase their chances of securing a spot in the top academic institutions in New Zealand. Contact us today and secure your spot to Study in New Zealand!

Intake - February & July

New Zealand universities

Top Courses in New Zealand

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Master of Science (MS)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Hotel Management
  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Sports Management

Estimated Annual Cost of Education

University NZD INR
Diploma $25000 – $33000 13.50 lacs to 17.50 lacs
Bachelors $25000 – $40000 13.50 lacs to 21.50 lacs
Masters $30000 – $55000 16 lacs to 29.50 lacs

Why INDUS for New Zealand?

  • More than 15 years of counselling experience
  • Selection from a wide range of Govt Universities, Polytechnics And Colleges
  • New Zealand Education Trained Counsellors
  • Expert Student Visa Consultants
  • IELTS Coaching
  • Post landing support from New Zealand: Through JUNTO application for accommodation &Job opportunities
  • Safe &secure process

Admission Checklist

  • University Application form
  • Updated Resume
  • Mark-sheet of 10th & Mark-sheet of 12th
  • School leaving certificate
  • Mark-sheet of Diploma/Bachelor with Degree Certificate
  • Transcript of Diploma/Bachelor
  • IELTS Result / PTE
  • Documents justifying gap (Work Experience Letter as applicable)
  • Contact details of student (email id/mobile number)


  • How can a New Zealand Student Visa Consultant help?

    New Zealand Student Visa Consultants guide you through the visa application process. They also provide advice on documentation, filing the New Zealand Student Visa form, fulfilling the eligibility criteria, and making sure that the process is smooth and without any errors.

  • Can I work while studying in New Zealand?

    Yes, you can work on a student visa to study in New Zealand. You are allowed to work part-time during the academic year. An option to full-time work is also available during scheduled breaks while the course continues.

  • Are there scholarships available for international students?

    Yes, international students get the benefit of scholarships. New Zealand offers various scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, or specific fields of study. With help from New Zealand Study Visa Consultants, you can get complete knowledge regarding it.

  • What is the process for extending a New Zealand student visa?

    You have to contact our New Zealand visa consultant and follow the New Zealand Immigration guidelines for the same. Since it can be confusing, you can check with study abroad consultants for complete information.

  • How do I find suitable accommodation in New Zealand?

    In New Zealand, you can choose to stay in accommodations like rentals, hostels, or homestays. Or, your educational institution can assist in providing information on accommodation options.